12 Landscape Industry Interview Questions You’ll Likely be Asked

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May 31, 2022 9:02:54 AM

Have you been considering a career in landscaping? Perhaps you have even started looking at or even applying for landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT.

If so, you might be wondering what landscape interview questions to anticipate in an interview. Or, you might even just be wondering what the interview process will be like.

While we can’t speak to all landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, we can tell you what the interview process is like for Blanchford Landscape Group and we’ll even share what to expect with some landscaper interview questions.

After all, we’re not out to make the process feel like some big secret. We believe that if you’re right for a career with us (and we’re right for you…because it should go both ways), then it’s going to be a good fit and we want to see you succeed.

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Landscape Interview Questions You May Be Asked

Every company is going to be different when it comes to the hiring process (just as every interviewer is likely to ask some of their own questions). But here are some that we often like to ask.

1. Tell us about someone you respect and wish to emulate?

When we interview potential landscapers at Blanchford Landscape Group, we are looking to gain a sense of their personalities and who they are as people. So, you can anticipate that many of our questions won’t necessarily have anything to do with landscaping.

2. Tell us about an accomplishment you are proud of?

This is another question that gets to the heart of who you are and what you care about. It’s not that we want to see some long list of accomplishments but more that we want to understand what gets you motivated or what you care about.landscape maintenance team weeds in landscape beds

3. What are you looking for in any place of employment and what do you want to avoid?

As we have always said when talking about landscaping careers at Blanchford, we want to be as good a fit for you as you would be for us. Landscaper interview questions like this help us to determine if we’re the right fit for you. It also gives us a sense of what you are looking for out of your career and what landscaping pathway might be right for you. There are multiple ways to climb the ladder in this field.

4. Can you share with us a time when you were involved in a conflict? Talk about how you approach issues with coworkers or roommates?

We really care about a team environment here and conflict resolution is important. We might ask this question along with the next one to get a sense of how you work in a team environment.landscape maintenance team cuts back plants

5. Tell us about a team you enjoyed being involved with?

What did you like about working on a team and what can you contribute to a team environment? In general, landscaping jobs are very team-oriented. You’re typically working with a crew and working together toward a common goal.

While not all landscaping companies will emphasize the importance of team skills, it’s something that we value at Blanchford Landscape Group. We are looking for team players who will contribute to the positive energy and team culture that we’ve developed here.

6. Describe your communication style?

Communication is also something that we value. But we’re aware that everyone communicates differently and has their own sets of preferences. We want to meet the team where they’re at to facilitate success.landscape team plants tree with bobcat

7. Tell us about how you remain sane in the face of mutually exclusive demands? What are your habits for health or wellbeing?

The health and well-being of our team is important to us. Landscaping jobs, like any job, can at times have challenges that need to be overcome. There are times when you will be very busy and you’ll need to be able to manage it.

We also care that our team has a good work/life balance. We know that your job isn’t your entire life. In fact, people often choose a landscaping career specifically because of the seasonality of the work. It gives them the off-season to spend more time in the mountains involved in snow sports.

8. Do you find yourself drawn more to highly structured environments or more independently directed situations?

Your work style is also important for us to know so that we can meet you where you’re at and help set you up for success. While we definitely emphasize the team environment here at Blanchford Landscape Group, there are different pathways that you can take depending upon how you work best.

What to Take Away From These Landscaping Interview Questions

We want to emphasize that there is never a “correct answer” to these questions. We also want people looking for landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT that our process is a conversation, not an interrogation. You should feel confident just answering these questions (and others) directly.

Our best advice is to “be the person you are” in the interview. Don’t try to be someone you’re not as you only end up shortchanging yourself. After all, as we’ve said: It’s important that we’re a good fit for you or you’re not going to be happy. That’s true of any job you’re looking at.landscape team loads mulch into truckReflect on your strengths and weaknesses and what you’re looking for in a job before the interview. Try to consider some real stories that reveal those things about yourself. These should be stories that are relevant to your identity.

And assume there are no trick questions! (at least at Blanchford Landscape Group). It is definitely not our intention to analyze everything that you say, trying to trip you up somehow. We are just looking for honest answers about who you are, what your work style is like, and how you communicate.

Of course, we do ask some landscaper interview questions that have to do with landscaping! But it’s not always necessary that you have industry experience. We have taught team members the ropes even if they haven't had prior industry experience.

Landscaping Interview Questions

Here are a few of the questions we ask that are more landscaping-specific.

9. What drives you to apply for this job?

In other words, what made you apply in the first place?

10. What about being outside gets your blood flowing?

A huge reason why people are attracted to landscaping jobs in the first place is that they love spending time outside. In fact, people often tell us that they couldn’t imagine being “chained to a desk” or “stuck inside” all day, which is why they decided to apply for a career in landscaping.landscape maintenance team carries bucket on property with mountain viewHowever, we understand being outside all day isn’t for everyone. It does also involve dealing with the elements (like heat, sun, wind, and cold). But for so many of the people who came to Montana for the “outdoor lifestyle” in the first place, it’s all just part of the job and something they actually enjoy.

11. Tell me about a time you found yourself in adverse weather conditions and how you managed?

Since a landscaping job is an outdoor job, being able to handle sometimes-adverse weather conditions is important. Here in Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, the weather can be unpredictable at times, and our team has to be smart about it. This is also something that we emphasize and cover in training.

12. How do you build or feed your own physical energy?

Being a landscaper is a physical, hands-on job. You have to take good care of yourself and feed your own physical energy so that you don’t burn out. People often love that landscaping is an opportunity to work with their hands, but they also have to be up to the task.

A Few More Words on Lansdcaper Interview Questions

We know that this is a lot of possible questions but it really is a pretty natural conversation once we get into the flow of it. Don’t limit yourself to only answers that you think seem “relevant” or that have to do with a “job.”

A story about working with your grandparents on their farm, fixing a lawnmower, or finishing a tiny house build are all valuable experiences and teach lessons (and build character).landscape team stretches Also, do not hide past injuries or weaknesses. Everyone has them! It’s how you manage them that matters (and honestly reveals even more!). We care about and value your honesty.

Preparing for Your Landscaping Job Interview

Hopefully, this has given you some idea of what to expect from a landscape interview.

If you’re looking for information on what to expect in a landscaping job, we have a number of articles on our blog that could help such as “a day in the life of a landscape crew member,” and also “a day in the life of a landscape field project manager,” to name just a couple.

These articles will tell you what to expect in a landscaping job, for different roles. And fortunately, there is also room to grow here and climb the career ladder so people don’t stay in the same role forever. And, if you start out somewhere on the team that doesn’t seem like a good fit, we can help you to find the right role. Sometimes folks move from Design/Build into “Garden Design” (maintenance) or sometimes it’s vice versa. At the end of the day, we just want to see you succeed.

If you’re feeling ready for an opportunity for a landscaping career that is more than just a job, then we hope that you might consider us.

We are always looking for good people who want the opportunity to build a career with us. As we grow comes continued opportunities to add to our team.

If you’re looking for landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, and you’re interested in Blanchford Landscape Group, we invite you to connect with us and start a conversation.

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