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A beautiful outdoor space doesn’t just remain beautiful—it must be dutifully tended to and maintained. That’s why, when the landscape design and build team completes building your custom outdoor space, our Garden Services team can continue to evolve and improve the landscape over time. Your outdoors is a living breathing thing and our team will respond to its needs while staying true to the design vision. We can even provide an annual consultation with the designer to ensure design integrity.


This is quite different from companies whose landscape services are no more than just keeping plant material alive. Great landscape maintenance focuses on regularly making small adjustments so small problems never become big.  It’s proactive versus reactive. We think of our Garden Services landscape maintenance program as sustaining the landscape, which often includes enhancing it along the way. Landscapes and gardens change over time and your needs do too. In order to achieve the best possible results, it’s important that our landscape services are evolving, as well.

landscape maintenance crew caring for garden

Sometimes, changes are necessary. Moving plants as they grow or adding seasonal color can be the small tweaks that really make your outdoors exceptional. We build small annual changes into our Garden Services agreements so we can evolve your gardens in a hassle-free way for you.

Seasonal container gardens add color and interest to your outdoor living spaces.  They are only as good as the regular care provided to them. They can be changed every year and provide an opportunity for a unique expression.

container gardens

We also specialize in the installation and maintenance of wildflowers which are popular landscape services in Bozeman and Big Sky, MT. Once established these natural meadows provide natural beauty with relatively little maintenance. They are also appropriate to your natural surroundings.


Choosing Landscape Maintenance Services in Big Sky and Bozeman Montana

While there are a lot of landscape companies that might install a nice landscape, if they aren’t also maintaining it at a high level of care, your entire investment could go to waste. Plus, if they’re not evolving their services as your landscape grows and matures, it can quickly become stagnant and lose value.

At Blanchford Landscape Group, we believe not only in designing and installing beautiful landscapes but in sustaining them, too. You deserve to get the ongoing and full value out of your property.

Ultimately, you want to know that all of your landscape needs will be taken care of. It comes down to peace of mind. And that’s exactly what we offer.

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