Are you looking to blend your love of the outdoors with a career where you can feel passionate and inspired every day? You don’t want to be stuck staring at a screen all day when you know the great outdoors is just beyond the four walls of your office or cubicle—calling your name. You know that there are health benefits and an overall sense of wellbeing from spending time outdoors. It just makes you happy!

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Perhaps you want a professional landscape career that is more than just a summer job. You might find pride and satisfaction in creating something that will wow clients and leave you with a feeling of a job well done.

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It just may be Blanchford Landscape Group that you’ve been looking for.

At Blanchford Landscape Group, we value our team members for the amazing work that they do and for their unique and diverse perspectives and talents. After all, we know it is our team who is bringing our clients’ outdoor living ideas to life day in and day out. That’s why when we hire team members to join us, we hire them for the long-haul. As a result we have a 75% or greater retention rate year over year. People love to work for us. Our team members become part of our family. Because of that, we offer a lot of room for growth.

At Blanchford we believe it’s not just a job—it’s a career.

In order for us to deliver our exceptional services, we must have a strong team behind us. That’s why we are always looking for the very best people who share our values to join our team.

Some of the Benefits Of Working at Blanchford Landscape Group

  • Paid Time Off
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k
  • Bonus Programs

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Blanchford Landscape Group Values



Do our work to a high standard. Excellence is a mindset. It governs our actions and interactions. The lens through which we view our core values.  


Have an excellence mindset. Doing all things well. Creating work at a high-quality standard. Creating excellent client and team experiences.



Personal and professional growth and learning are at the core of empowerment. We are all better with autonomy and accountability. We can always choose how we show up. People with the freedom to choose to find their strongest motivations. Mistakes are a necessary part of growth. We all have unique and valuable gifts.  


Regular and customized training. Outside education. Career ladder and track. Training Coordinator position. Hire people who want to grow and value excellence. Grow from mistakes. We own our positions 100%. Mentoring. Meeting pulses. Regular feedback. Personal growth. Be for each other. Balance support and challenge.



Reliability. Respect. Honesty. Do the right thing. Accountability. Motivation to be our best.


Speak authentically. Listen generously. Keep our commitments. Create accountability for each other. Be open and transparent.  




Physical health and mental well-being are foundational to our team and our clients.  Connecting with people and nature, working outdoors, staying fit, variety and creativity create healthy jobs for our team and healthy spaces for our clients. Balance work and life. We bring our whole selves to work. Stress management contributes to healthy people. Effective and frequent communication is the basis of healthy relationships.



Training and processes. Stretching program.  Injury prevention program. Building outdoor spaces for connection with loved ones and nature. Paid time off. Safety program. Working outdoors. Weekly recognition programs. Fun events. Regular meetings.



Working together with our team, our trade contractors, vendors and clients creates the best results for our clients, team, and community. Working from agreement.


Teamwork across divisions. Assembling the best team for each project with internal and external members. Shared company goals.



Artistry in our designs, final installations, and ongoing garden care. Creativity drives innovation and solves complex problems. Innovation is important to our brand and our growth. 


The creative process in our design department. Everyone adds ideas and energy. Being curious without judgment. Using the creative process to solve any problem. Create beauty.



A financially strong business supports the lives of our team, clients, and community. Doing well and doing good. Hard work creates prosperity and feeds the other parts of our lives. Prosperity creates freedom and resources so we can give back. We use our success to express our values. Creating good long-term opportunities for our team. Give back to the community. Sustainability for our business and the planet.


Set and achieve financial goals. Earn a healthy net profit. Share profits with our team. Open book financials. Give to causes we believe in. Create thriving careers. 



We respect our natural ecosystems. We thrive when these systems and local communities thrive.  We become a part of this place by living, working, and playing here. Our work evokes emotion through the spirit of this place and creates the wonder of discovery and encourages human interaction with nature. We make decisions for the long-term benefit of our ecosystems and community. We choose to be here.


Our designs fit their location and work with natural systems.  We take cues from our sites and integrate our work with the natural world. Cultural elements and natural history are a part of the story. We respect our clients’ privacy, property, and priorities. We make informed, sustainable business decisions.