Is a Career in Landscaping Right For You? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Written By: Andrew Blanchford

May 3, 2022 9:10:48 AM

Finding the right career is important. After all, it’s how you are going to spend a good part of your days. You likely want to find a career that not only helps you to earn a decent living but one that is also fulfilling and enjoyable.

You might be wondering if a career in landscaping is right for you.

Many people have found a landscape industry career to be very rewarding but it’s obviously not the right fit for everyone. To help you consider whether a landscaping career could be your right path, we’ve devised a list of questions to ask yourself. We love that you want to make an educated decision and are serious about exploring your options.

Is a Career in Landscaping Right for Me?

If you’re seriously pondering applying to landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, then ask yourself the following questions. It will help you to determine if you are headed on the right path.

1. Do I Enjoy Being Outside?

A huge reason why people are attracted to landscaping jobs in the first place is that they love spending time outside. In fact, people often tell us that they couldn’t imagine being “chained to a desk” or “stuck inside” all day, which is why they decided to apply for a career in landscaping.landscape maintenance team member walks around home with bucket for weedsBeing outdoors, particularly here in gorgeous Montana, is definitely a big draw to this type of career. When we have such scenic views and connections with nature, it really does feel like a shame to spend too much time inside.

However, we understand being outside all day isn’t for everyone. It does also involve dealing with the elements (like heat, sun, wind, and cold). But for so many of the people who came to Montana for the “outdoor lifestyle” in the first place, it’s all just part of the job and something they actually enjoy.

2. Do I Like Working With My Hands?

Another reason why people are often attracted to landscaping jobs is that they like working with their hands. They love the idea of working in the soil and installing plants, laying pavers, pruning, and so much more.

Many people who have chosen a landscaping career say that they like being busy and doing physical work as opposed to desk work.landscape maintenance team weeds bedsAnother aspect of this is that people love getting to be responsible for the transformation of a property. Whether it’s a design/build job or a garden design job, the “before/after” transformation is very rewarding.

Some of our team members say that they are very proud of the work they’ve done and it feels like an accomplishment. That’s just not a feeling that you get with every career path or project. It’s that sense of a “job well done,’” and also knowing that you’ve made people happy that is so rewarding.

3. Do I Like Working on a Team?

In general, landscaping jobs are very team-oriented. You’re typically working with a crew and working together toward a common goal.

While not all landscaping companies will emphasize the importance of team skills, it’s something that we value at Blanchford Landscape Group. We are looking for team players who will contribute to the positive energy and team culture that we’ve developed here.landscape team members inspect plants This often ends up being one of the things that our team members also express that they love about their careers. We know that the word “team culture” gets thrown around a lot, but Blanchford team members have expressed that they feel like they’ve found a “family.” They often say that the relationships they’ve built at work have become a huge part of what they love about the job.

4. Do I Want to Climb the Career Ladder?

One thing that we don’t like is that landscaping jobs sometimes get a bad rap as being “dead-end jobs.” While this might be the case at some companies (where people get stuck doing the same role for years, with no opportunity to grow), that’s not the case here at Blanchford Landscape Group.

In fact, we have very defined career pathways that help to explain exactly how one can grow in their landscaping career.landscape team uses skid load to plant treeWe have two different primary pathways: Garden Services (maintenance) or Design/Build. And within each of those pathways, we have defined exactly how team members can climb the career ladder into higher roles with increased pay. We want our team members to turn this into a long-term landscaping career, not a fly-by-night job while they are looking for something else.

While that might not be how all landscaping companies do things, it’s something that is important to us. Ultimately, Blanchford Landscape Group is truly committed to helping every individual find the right career opportunity for them.

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Finding the Right Landscaping Jobs Near Bozeman or Big Sky, MT

Hopefully, these questions have helped you to determine whether a career in landscaping might be right for you. If so, then your next step is to find the right landscaping company to work for. It’s important to understand that not all landscaping companies are going to be the same.

As with any job, there are going to be some companies that are a better fit for some people than others. If you truly want to get the most out of your career, you want to find the right match.landscaping team and project manager walk in yard at shop
In fact, we’ve written an entire article on how to find the best landscaping companies to work for in Southwest Montana. This article will provide some criteria on what you should look for (and what makes some companies different from others).

Things like a positive work environment, the opportunity for growth, and great pay and benefits are factors that you should seek out.

So Much to Love about a Landscaping Career with Blanchford Landscape Group

We believe that there is a whole lot to love about a career in landscaping. Many people feel like they have found a true passion in the Green Industry and they turn landscaping into a lifelong career. The opportunities are certainly there.

If you’ve gone through these questions and determined that a landscaping career might be right for you, then we’d love for you to consider Blanchford Landscape Group as you look to apply to landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT.

At Blanchford Landscape Group, we care that our team has opportunities for advancement within the company. We want to be able to provide them with a roadmap for success so that they can actually see how they can continue to move up.

We know that people don’t want to get stuck in the same role forever.

That means if you are a good fit for Blanchford, and we’re a good fit for you, then we truly want to see you succeed.

We can help get you on the right pathway to a career that you’ll love (and that checks all the boxes for you). At the end of the day, you want to find a career where you feel happy and fulfilled while also learning a good living. Blanchford Landscape Group can provide that for you.

We are always looking for good people who want the opportunity to build a career with us. As we grow comes continued opportunities to add to our team.

If you’re looking for landscaping jobs near Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, and you’re interested in Blanchford Landscape Group, we invite you to connect with us and start a conversation.

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