Should You Repair Your Paver Patio or Replace It With Something New?

Written By: Mason Shaffer

Apr 1, 2021 10:59:58 AM

If you are in need of a paver patio restoration, you might be wondering if you should go through the repair process or whether it just makes sense to replace it with something new. There are a number of factors that go into this decision, including personal preferences.

We’ll talk about some of the situations that we have seen with various paver patio repair work as well as some considerations to keep in mind if you are considering whether you should replace your paver patio. This should help you in determining what makes the most sense for your Bozeman or Big Sky, Montana property.


When Do I Need a Paver Patio Repair?

Typically, homeowners are looking into paver patio repair when a paver breaks. Pavers can generally be replaced fairly easily but the trouble often lies in matching the existing pavers to something new.

With paver manufacturers constantly making new products, the hope is that you can still find an older paver type. It’s helpful to always have some extra pavers stored for this very reason. If you have newly acquired the home, that could be out of your hands.

One thing that we often tell homeowners so that they can avoid the need for paver patio repair work is never to use salt on their pavers. Even though salt is commonly used to melt ice, it can also cause your paver stones to disintegrate. Salt is also incredibly harmful to the plant material that you likely have planted around your patio or walkways.

Instead of salt, we recommend sand. While it won’t have the melting power of rock salt, it will give you traction on the surface of the ice.

When It’s Serious, a Paver Patio Restoration May Be the Only Answer

Beyond broken pavers or those that have experienced a lot of wear-and-tear, a more serious reason for a paver patio restoration is if the patio is structurally failing. If you’re noticing puddling, settling, low spots, heaving pavers, or maybe a border falling apart, these are all signs that your patio may not have been installed properly in the first place.

This can happen when landscaping contractors take shortcuts or simply make outright mistakes. One of the common but also detrimental mistakes is in a faulty base. When the paver patio base is not properly installed, the entire patio can ultimately fail.

When this is the case, you need more than some replaced pavers. If the base was installed improperly, you likely need all of the pavers pulled up and the base corrected. It may even require re-excavating the site.

On the bright side, this could be an opportunity to replace your pavers with natural stone, which is really a superior material for our area.

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Natural stone patio design
Natural stone is the more durable choice—after all, it has survived in nature for thousands of years. While the surface material of pavers can weather over time (and begin to expose the aggregate), natural stone will stand up much better to everyday wear-and-tear. We still advise against using salt on natural stone!

Choosing to Replace Your Paver Patio

Even if there is not an existing problem with the patio, you may still be considering whether you should replace your paver patio simply because you prefer natural stone.

Honestly, this is not uncommon. We have worked on many projects where a homeowner purchased a house with a paver patio but preferred natural stone. The fact is, natural stone just complements the natural area much better than pavers. It just looks like it “fits” the natural landscape. The authenticity of natural stone also gives it a timeless look that makes it a wise investment for homeowners. In other words, “it’s never going to go out of style”.
Natural stone patio and stone fire pit
We have also torn out concrete to replace it with natural stone. Concrete is sometimes chosen as a hardscaping material because it’s budget-friendly. But concrete is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing. It’s often more of a utilitarian addition in that it serves a purpose but it’s not going to be a showpiece of the property.

Concrete is also prone to cracking. As a saying in our industry goes, it’s not a matter of if the concrete will crack, it’s a matter of when.

Sometimes homeowners have been on the property for a long time and just want something more permanent. They’ve lived with a paver or concrete patio for a long time and it just hasn’t fully suited their outdoor living needs. Whether they need more space or want to add new amenities, a patio material upgrade can also be a great time to change the layout or extend the patio.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you have an existing concrete patio and the base was installed properly, we could use that concrete as a base for stone veneering over top instead of ripping it out.

The same is true with pavers.

If the base was installed properly, then the replacement shouldn’t be overly complex. We’ll just be removing that top layer and resetting it with natural stone. If it has a strong base, it’s just a matter of material replacement.Natural stone patio and pergola

Choosing Amongst Patio Companies in Bozeman and Big Sky, MT

As you can see, it’s incredibly important that a patio is built properly in the first place. Errors made during the building process can lead to paver patio repair needs that otherwise would not have had to happen.

As we’ve said, the need for a paver patio restoration can also be an opportunity. We often find that homeowners prefer a natural stone patio for the aesthetic and durability benefits. Whether you’ve purchased a home with a patio in need of repair or you’ve had your patio for a long time and are ready to upgrade, this type of restoration work can be a chance to get the patio of your dreams that really helps you to fulfill your outdoor living wishes.

It comes down to choosing the right patio company for the work.

At the end of the day, your patio will become a space where you spend a lot of your time outdoors. You want everything about your patio restoration to be perfect!

At Blanchford Landscape Group, we want you to be happy with your patio. That includes everything from the material that you choose to the finished layout. By choosing to work with us, we can help guide you in the process of making decisions that are right for your property. That means you can feel confident you’ve made the best choices and will be able to fully enjoy the result.

Are you ready to begin the process of designing and building your ideal outdoor living space at your Bozeman or Big Sky, MT home? Let’s connect and talk about your project. Then, we can meet and begin talking about your ideas.

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