Determining a Landscape Design Budget: 3 Things to Consider

Written By: Andrew Blanchford

Sep 11, 2023 12:52:31 PM

You already know that landscaping can add enormous value to your home. In fact, these days, most homeowners are looking for properties that have great outdoor living spaces and a finished outdoor area can be a main selling point.

While you know that you want to add landscaping that will increase your enjoyment of your property and add value to your home, you might still have questions about how much to spend. Determining a budget for landscaping is important when it comes to getting the entire process started.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you come up with a landscaping design budget that is right for you.

#1: Don’t Underestimate the Value of an Amazing Outdoor Space

Understanding the cost of landscaping typically boils down to looking at value. When you make meaningful changes to your outdoor space, you significantly enhance its enjoyability and functionality…and that’s valuable.

In terms of putting a number to that value, it’s commonly said that homeowners should plan to spend around 10 percent of the home’s total value on the landscaping. This is some food for thought as you consider how to determine a landscape budget.

flagstone patio with hot tub overlooking moutainsThat, of course, is just a guideline and it depends what you’re having done. 

Some homeowners who really value their outdoor space in Bozeman, MT actually end up spending quite a bit more than 10 percent of their home’s value on their outdoor spaces. They want to spend as much time outside as possible and need the right space for it.

Use This Worksheet to Plan Out Your Landscape Design
You have to remember that landscaping provides both “ROI” and “ROE.” That’s Return On Investment and Return On Enjoyment. ROI is about how much money you might get back on that investment. But perhaps ROE is really the more important consideration. After all, we only live once and it’s important to enjoy the time that we have. 

This should all factor into the consideration of how much “value” your outdoor space will provide.

#2: Understanding “Quality” in Your Budget for Landscaping

Another consideration as you plan for your landscape budget is that there is a reason why some landscaping companies charge more than others.

For one, some landscaping companies are more committed to using higher-quality products, like natural stone, in your design. There are definitely ways to skimp on materials but as with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for.

Even the quality of the services provided by the landscaping company can differ. You want to work with a company that is using the highest quality equipment and the best-trained people, but you’re going to pay a little more for that.

flagstone patio with customized fire featureAs you shop for the right landscaper for your project, keep in mind that there are generally good reasons for the cost variation that you might see.

A landscape company that charges less is likely paying their people less. But that’s because they might be employing inexperienced or entry-level workers to perform their labor. Unfortunately, that may be doing a great disservice to the homeowner as the level of experience is directly linked to the results.

A lot of people don’t stop to think about the complexity that is involved in landscaping. Understanding the landscapes varying needs can require great knowledge.

#3: Understand that Skimping on Landscape Budget Can Cost You in the Long Run

Finally, we want to mention how important it is that everything with your project is done correctly the first time and that you are happy with the results. Sometimes, when you skimp on budget, you end up dissatisfied or with problems to deal with and that might mean a lot of hassles and headaches.

couple sits outside on flagstone patio near outdoor fireplaceAt the end of the day, the fact is, you’re hiring a professional for a reason. You want a spectacular outdoor living space—and that needs to come together in real life, not just on paper. That’s why it’s so important that you choose to work with a landscape design company that can offer it all—great design and great construction.

The best landscapes are achieved by investing in skilled and professional landscape design at a design/build firm that can then take that plan right into construction and see it through to completion.

Working with Blanchford Landscape Group on Your Budget for Landscaping

We understand that coming up with a landscape budget can feel daunting. Often, when we ask folks what they plan to spend on their outdoor living area, they respond with, How much will it cost?

It always helps for us to have a starting point (or even a range) that you’re considering as it will help make important decisions. Sometimes there are also ways to bring the cost down such as phasing a landscape project over time

There might be a lot of different elements and features that you want included but you can’t afford to do them all at once. Phasing helps to solve this.

No matter what the case, we can help guide you toward the right decisions for your property so that you can come up with a landscape design that’s best for you (and your budget).

We have no problem admitting upfront that we are probably not going to be your cheapest quote when it comes to our landscaping pricing. As you’ve likely gathered from the factors that we’ve discussed (which impact pricing), we don’t cut corners and we don’t offer cheap solutions or quick fixes.

Every decision that we make is calculated. The people that we hire are experienced, knowledgeable, and local. And the products that we use are well-researched and premium-grade. These factors all add up to our services costing a little bit more than our competition—and our clients are okay with that. They understand that they’re getting value out of what they’re investing in.

We also work very closely with homeowners on every step of the journey. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before we even begin building, giving you peace of mind that everything will come together just as you’ve dreamed. 

The end result of a truly authentic design is a customized finished project that is exactly what you desired.

Are you ready to get the process of bringing your outdoor dreams at your Bozeman or Big Sky, MT home to life? Let’s connect and talk about your project. Then, we can meet and begin talking about your ideas. We can’t wait for you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space.


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