How to Choose the Right Indoor Plants for You - Plus Our Top Picks

Written By: Mason Shaffer

Feb 19, 2021 8:48:18 AM

Do you love the idea of filling your home with beautiful plants? Plants make people happy and they look beautiful, too. But with so many options to choose from you might be wondering how to choose the best houseplants.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you probably know that there are certain plants that are going to perform better than others, particularly in your specific home conditions (access to sunlight, of course, being the biggest concern). You might also have some very specific wants and needs such as pet safety, size, or even how much maintenance will be required, which may impact how you go about choosing houseplants.

Homeowners sometimes simplify the process by just selecting something that “looks pretty,” but in little to no time that plant might be performing poorly and stressing you out!

That’s why we’ve rounded up some advice on how to choose the houseplants that are right for you. We’re talking about the major considerations that go into the selection process and also sharing some of our favorite picks!

How to Choose Houseplants

Without a doubt, the biggest question people need to ask as they go about choosing houseplants is, will this perform well? Light and humidity are two of the biggest factors in whether or not a houseplant will thrive. Unfortunately, here in Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, most houses are pretty dry, which is why houseplant maintenance can be a struggle.

As you think about which houseplants might work best for your home, you should also consider your personal wants and needs.

  • Are you looking at adding mostly greenery or do you want something that flowers?
  • Are you looking for something with a certain size of leaves?
  • Is there a certain size plant you are looking for? Are you looking for something in a window or on the floor?

At Blanchford Landscape Group, these are some of the questions that we ask our interior plantscape clients to help narrow the choices and assist them in making the optimal selection.

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Another big consideration that comes up in choosing houseplants is whether or not there are pets in the house. Certain plants can be harmful (even poisonous) to dogs and cats if ingested—or sometimes even just touched! When homeowners shop for plants on their own, they sometimes forget to take this vital consideration into account but it’s a detail that should not be overlooked.

Our Picks for the Best Indoor Plants

While every homeowner has different tastes and preferences which impact how to choose houseplants, there are a few favorites that tend to come up a lot. Here are a few of our top picks, just to give you an idea of some of the options out there. Keep in mind that these are not all pet-friendly choices and might not be the right choice for everyone!

Dracaena Plants

There are many different varieties of the dracaena plant, most of which seem to perform really well indoors. Most dracaena varieties prefer bright, indirect sunlight. It’s an attractive plant with large, sword-like leaves that will make a lovely statement.Dracaena marginata

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants can be a great indoor addition because they can tolerate low light relatively well. It’s a low maintenance plant that has been called one of the easiest to care for and grow.Pothos

Philodendron Plants

This is a large genus of flowering plants and is popular due to its overall ability to perform well inside. The plants in this group offer gorgeous foliage and can be a wonderful aesthetic addition.Philodendron scandens

Ficus Plants

There are many indoor varieties of the ficus plant that make a nice addition. These include the fiddle-leaf fig, the Audrey ficus, and the weeping fig. Most of the ficus plants enjoy bright indirect or filtered light.Ficus benjamina


Succulents are also incredibly popular right now as they can be arranged in many beautiful ways. These indoor plants are also incredibly low maintenance due to their extreme drought tolerance.succulents arrangement

A Living Wall

Another unique option that many of our interior plantscape clients have been interested in is the “living wall.” This is basically a “picture frame of plants” and can be hung on any wall to add greenery and brighten a room. A living wall can have a water reservoir and take care of itself making it maintenance free during that time.Interior plantscape living wall

DIY Interior Plantscaping vs. Working with a Pro

We understand that choosing houseplants can feel a little bit overwhelming. You want to make sure that you’re making selections that will perform well and will also meet some of your specific wants and needs.

This is one of the nice things about delegating this task to a professional. Instead of having to be the one to go out and make selections that are going to work well, you can tell the professional what you’re looking for and leave it to them to choose the best indoor plants.

An added benefit to this is that a professional is likely to have a lot more access to plants than the average homeowner. At Blanchford Landscape Group, we have access to some unique plant material that you would not likely find at your local big-box store. If you’re looking for something large or something tropical, we can bring that in. We are also building up our own in-house nursery and greenhouse so that we always have plant material in stock for quick swap-outs that might be needed when a plant is under-performing.

The fact is, some houseplants, particularly the tropical variety, can’t perform well forever in a regular home—they need the intense access to sunlight and humidity that a greenhouse offers. But we could install a tropical plant for you to enjoy as long as possible and then swap it out as needed (returning the other to the greenhouse to nurse back into top health).

Since so many of our clients are also vacation or second-homeowners, they might not be in town long enough for it to make sense to invest in lots of houseplants. But we can bring in what they want while they’re here to be enjoyed during their stay.

Working with Blanchford Landscape Group for the Best Indoor Plants

If you’re thinking about how to choose houseplants, you might want to think about handing these services over to a pro so that you can eliminate any of the hassles or headaches associated with houseplants and instead only have to focus on enjoying them!

At Blanchford Landscape Group, our serious horticultural knowledge and experience, as well as our access to unique plant material, has made interior plantscaping a natural fit for us.

Clients appreciate that they can lean on us for our expertise and take all of the guesswork out of houseplants. We’ll even care for them for you—and as we mentioned, we can rotate out under-performing plants when that time comes. Just as we love transforming outdoor living spaces, we’re incredibly passionate about enhancing interior spaces with beautiful plant material.

Are you ready to learn more about our interior plantscaping services at your Bozeman or Big Sky, MT home, or business? Let’s connect and talk about your needs. Then we can meet and review a detailed plan of action. With everything being handled for you, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your indoor plants to the fullest.

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